Statistical analyses for quality assuranc

The QuIP-QS-Monitor is an effective tool for quality assurance (QA) and has been accompanying pathologists throughout Germany in their daily work since November 2020.

The QuIP-QS-Monitor offers pathologists the possibility to record the results of their diagnostic examinations in a central database. On the basis of collected data, statistical evaluations are created on a daily basis, which enable the participants to evaluate the results of their work comparatively. The comparison can be made with their own results from previous tests as well as with the current national average. In this way, participating institutions can react quickly to abnormalities, evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken in a timely manner, and thus ensure the quality of their work.

QuIP is currently working on the further development of the monitor tool. It is planned to analyse and evaluate the data more detailed and to integrate new functionalities to support your quality assurance. We would be very pleased to receive feedback from the user perspective as well as wishes and suggestions for further development at this point in time. In addition, we would be grateful if we could also approach you with relevant questions during the process of further development.

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User Guide

Here you can find the detailed manual as well as a step-by-step guide for the registration