The QuIP “PD-L1 Portal” was developed and launched in 2019. Prof. Korinna Jöhrens from the University Hospital Dresden was and still is in charge. Starting with the NSCLC subpage, the portal has since been regularly expanded to include new entities. In 2020, the entities urothelial carcinoma and HNSCC were added. TNBC followed in 2021. Esophageal, gastric carcinoma and cervical carcinoma were added in 2022.

Changes in the approval situation by the EMA are summarised by QuIP and entered in the overview table. The results of the EQA schemes are presented on the entity pages and continuously updated.

Prof. Dr. med. Korinna Jöhrens

Specialist in pathology
Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

Prof. Dr. med. Korinna Jöhrens was involved in the first German PD-L1 harmonisation study in 2016. As a certified trainer, she conducted numerous training courses on the PD-L1 biomarker for MSD, BMS, Roche, AstraZeneca, the German Society of Pathology e.V. and QuIP GmbH. In addition, she designed and supervised the first PD-L1 EQA trial for NSCLC and is still involved in the implementation and in the evaluation of all QuIP PD-L1 EQA trials.